Student Enrollment (Onboarding) Module !

Effortless Onboarding Made Possible: Embrace the Student Enrollment Module – Your University's Ultimate Tool for Streamlined, User-Friendly Student Admission and Hassle-Free Integration Within the ERP Ecosystem.

GNUMS Student Enrollment Onboarding Module

Module Features

Embark on Excellence: Streamlined Onboarding for Your Educational Journey, Powered by our ERP.

  • Student Enrollment

    Enroll with Ease: Your Academic Journey Begins Here, Supported by our ERP System.

  • 225+ Student Profile Fields

    Detailing Excellence: Elevate Student Insight with 225+ Comprehensive Profile Form Fields.

  • Document Collection

    Seamless Student Documents: Elevate Management and Status Tracking with Our Advanced Collection System.

  • Enrollment No. Configuration & Generation

    Enrollment Made Easy: Effortlessly Configure and Generate Identification Numbers with Our Advanced System.

  • Student ID Card Generation/Management

    ID Card Mastery: Effortlessly Manage Student Identification with Finesse Through Our Innovative System.

  • Pending Data Analysis

    Data Exploration Simplified: Effortlessly Analyze Pending Information with Our Cutting-Edge System.

  • Data Correction Request

    Data Perfection Made Simple: Request and Apply Corrections Effortlessly via Our Advanced System.

  • Student & Parent Panel

    Enhanced Collaboration: Seamlessly Connect Students and Parents with Our Dynamic Panel Interface.

Student Enrollment (Onboarding) Module Process Flow

Guiding Academic Journeys: Seamlessly Navigate the Student Enrollment Process Flow with Ease.

  • 1

    Student Enrollment

    Provide personal details and program preferences

  • 2

    Document Submission & Verification

    Upload transcripts, certificates, and identification. Admin review & verify uploaded documents.

  • 3

    Parent/Guardian Communication

    Portal access and communication features.

  • 4

    Ongoing Support

    Academic advising and student services.

  • 5

    Progress Tracking

    Monitor academic performance and attendance.

  • 6

    Data Audit

    Ensure accuracy through a thorough data audit before finalizing.