NAAC Module !

Introducing our NAAC Module: Elevate your institution's accreditation journey with our comprehensive NAAC Module. Seamlessly manage every facet of the accreditation process through advanced features such as Criteria, Matrices, and Key Indicators Management. Empower your IQAC/NAAC Coordinators with intuitive tools for streamlined Data Pulling, Approval, and Correction. Achieve accreditation excellence with our all-inclusive NAAC Module, designed to simplify and enhance the accreditation experience for your institution.

GNUMS Fee Module

Module Features

Our comprehensive module offers a range of robust features for a successful accreditation journey. Effortlessly manage criteria, matrices, and key indicators, while empowering IQAC/NAAC Coordinators. Seamlessly pull, approve, and correct data, and utilize dedicated dashboards for university, institute, department, and criteria-level insights. Streamline your accreditation process with ease and precision.

  • Criteria

    Effortlessly handle accreditation criteria with our intuitive Criteria Management tools. Streamline the process of defining, tracking, and assessing various criteria for a smoother accreditation journey. .

  • Key Indicator

    Optimize your accreditation progress with Key Indicator Management. Easily monitor and evaluate essential metrics to ensure quality and compliance. Our module simplifies the management of key indicators, facilitating a successful accreditation outcome.

  • Metrics

    Enhance your accreditation path with efficient Metric Management. Seamlessly oversee and analyze crucial metrics for a comprehensive evaluation process. Our module simplifies metric management, enabling a data-driven approach to achieve accreditation success.

  • Coordinator

    Empower your institution by assigning dedicated IQAC/NAAC Coordinators through our module. Streamline communication, data handling, and decision-making processes while ensuring effective leadership in your accreditation journey.

  • Data Pulling & Approval

    Effortlessly gather and validate accreditation data with our Data Pulling & Approval feature. Seamlessly pull information from various sources and expedite the approval process, ensuring accuracy and timeliness. Simplify the complex task of data management, empowering your institution to achieve accreditation milestones efficiently.

  • IQAC Coordinator Dashboard

    Efficiently oversee accreditation progress with our IQAC Coordinator Dashboards at various levels—University, Institute, Department, and even down to Criteria. Gain insightful, customizable views tailored to each level's needs, empowering informed decision-making and streamlined collaboration for accreditation success.

NAAC Module Process Flow

The NAAC Module process seamlessly guides institutions through accreditation. From data setup and collection to validation, analysis, and feedback incorporation, it streamlines coordination among levels and ensures continuous improvement, culminating in a successful accreditation outcome.

  • 1


    Institution selects NAAC accreditation process. Assigns IQAC/NAAC Coordinators for each level.

  • 2

    Data Collection & Setup:

    Coordinators define and manage accreditation criteria, matrices, and key indicators. Data is collected and populated at university, institute, department, and criteria levels.

  • 3

    Data Validation & Correction:

    Coordinators oversee data pulling and initiate data approval process. Data discrepancies are identified and corrected.

  • 4

    Dashboard Insights

    Dedicated dashboards provide real-time insights at various levels. University, institute, department, and criteria-level data visualizations assist in decision-making.

  • 5

    Final Review & Submission

    Accreditation data undergoes final review. Coordinators ensure all levels are aligned and accurate. Data is submitted for NAAC assessment.

  • 6

    Assessment & Feedback

    NAAC assesses the submitted data and provides feedback. Coordinators review assessment outcomes.

  • 7

    Improvement Cycle

    Based on NAAC feedback, corrective measures are identified. Coordinators implement improvements across levels.

  • 8

    Accreditation Outcome

    Continued monitoring and enhancement lead to successful accreditation outcome.