Course & Curriculum Management Module !

With our comprehensive Course & Curriculum function, you can effectively manage every aspect of your academic programmes. Our dynamic platform enables a smooth academic path by carefully planning courses and syllabi, creating teaching schemes, managing practical sessions, mapping results, and assigning electives. Your institution may offer a comprehensive and interesting educational experience by utilising features like course grouping, credit validation, and elective offering administration.

GNUMS Fee Module

Module Features

The list of different features of the University Setup module are...

  • Course

    Structured plan outlining teaching methods, testing, and evaluation for balanced learning.

  • Curriculum

    Establishing and maintaining a course schedule to ensure a smooth learning process.

  • Dynamic Terminology as per the program

    Terminology that adapts to the specific program or field of study, ensuring accurate and relevant communication.

  • Course Type Wise Credit Validation

    Validation of credit requirements based on different course types, ensuring compliance with academic standards.

  • Locking Hierarchy for Course, Curriculum

    A hierarchy ensuring locked courses and curricular consistency, preventing unauthorized changes.

  • Curriculum Assignment to Students

    Assigning specific curriculum elements to students based on their academic progress and chosen path.

  • Elective Offering Management

    Organising optional course schedule and availability to reflect student preferences.

  • Course Grouping

    Organizing related courses into groups for a more coherent and specialized learning experience.

  • Various Analytical Reports

    Generating information reports for curriculum, student performance, and elective popularity decision-making.

Course & Curriculum Management Module Process Flow

The sequence of operations in the Course & Curriculum Management Module

  • 1


    Empowering students with comprehensive curriculum, diverse electives, and practical experiences.

  • 2


    Intricate route developing knowledge and abilities through topics, exams, and results.

  • 3

    Course Type Wise Credit Validation

    Strategically approving credits for logical academic progression based on course types.

  • 4

    Locking Hierarchy for Course, Curriculum

    Securing course and curriculum hierarchy for integrity and consistency.

  • 5

    Curriculum Assignment to Students

    Adjusting educational paths by distributing curriculum components to specific students.

  • 6

    Elective Offering Management

    Efficiently managing elective selection, offering diverse learning opportunities.

  • 7

    Course Grouping

    Enhancing learning by grouping relevant courses for focus.