Budgeting, Purchase, Inventory Module !

The purchase and inventory module is a software component used in various businesses to manage the procurement of goods and materials, as well as the tracking and control of inventory levels. It helps streamline the purchasing process, monitor stock levels, generate purchase orders, and optimize inventory management to ensure efficient operations and minimize costs.

GNUMS Fee Module

Module Features

The purchase and inventory module in universities and institutes streamlines procurement and inventory management for academic resources, enabling efficient supply tracking, optimized budget utilization, and support for teaching and research activities.

  • Budget Proposal, Approval & Allocation

    Facilitating the proposal, approval, and allocation of budgets for purchasing activities.

  • Item Group, Item Configuration

    Organizing items into groups and configuring their specific details.

  • Vendor Registration

    Enabling vendors to register their information for future procurement interactions.

  • Item Group Wise Vendor

    Associating vendors with specific item groups for efficient procurement.

  • Tax Configuration

    Setting up tax parameters for accurate purchase cost calculations.

  • Request for Item & Approval

    Allowing users to request items and obtain necessary approvals.

  • Quotation Comparison

    Comparing quotations from various vendors to make informed purchasing decisions.

  • PO Generation & Approval

    Generating purchase orders and obtaining approvals before proceeding.

  • Issue & Manage PO Status

    Managing and tracking the status of purchase orders.

  • Purchase Invoice

    Handling and processing purchase invoices for accurate financial records.

  • Item Receive & Issue

    Recording the receipt and issuance of items from inventory.

  • Item wise & Group wise Ledger

    Maintaining detailed ledgers to track item-wise and group-wise transactions.

Budgeting, Purchase, Inventory Module Process Flow

Efficiently manage procurement from budget allocation and item configuration to vendor engagement, request approval, quotation comparison, purchase order generation, procurement accounting, and detailed ledger upkeep.

  • 1

    Budget Planning

    Submit budget proposals, obtain approvals, and allocate funds for procurement activities.

  • 2

    Item Configuration

    Organize items into groups, set tax parameters, and configure details for accurate records.

  • 3

    Vendor Engagement

    Vendors register, and their associations with specific item groups are established.

  • 4

    Request & Approval

    Users request items, which undergo approval to ensure alignment with requirements.

  • 5

    Quotation & Ordering

    Streamline procurement by comparing vendor quotations, generating and approving purchase orders. Ensure optimal decision-making and seamless ordering, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your procurement process.

  • 6

    Purchase Order

    Seamlessly create, approve, and manage purchase orders to secure requested items, optimize vendor relationships, and facilitate smooth procurement workflows within your comprehensive system.

  • 7

    Purchase Invoice

    Effortlessly process and manage purchase invoices, ensuring accurate financial records, timely payment to vendors, and streamlined accounting within your integrated procurement framework.